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off-road disciplines             reverse mentoring

Is There Room for Someone Like Me? Influence No. 3 (Dec 2015-Jan. 2016)

The AARP Generation Plants Churches.” Enrichment (Fall 2009)

Moving Target: Reframing Discipleship for Postmoderns.” Enrichment Journal 13 no. 1 (Winter 2008)

The Love Language of Boomers: How to Get Older Leaders to Pay for Your Ideas.” (Relevant) Leader #20 (Fall 2007)

Reverse Mentoring.” Ministry Today (May/June 2007)

What Millennials Think When You Speak.” Relevant (June 2008)

The Azusa Effect.” Ministry Today (May/June 2006)

Fighting the Future.” Ministry Today (July/August 2004)

Disciplemaking in a Postmodern World.” Enrichment Journal 7, no. 4 (Fall 2002)

The High-Turnover Small Church.” Leadership (Spring 1993)

Meaning Well: A Biblical Outline of Human Communication

Pentecostal Potential in Postmodern Times.” Rapport (Winter 2005)